How to stay healthy over Christmas – by Gary Williams

December 21, 2015 - Christmas, Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Psychology, Success Stories, Weight loss tips, Weight Management
How to stay healthy over Christmas – by Gary Williams


Before LighterLife…

I would eat a full blown Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, followed by Christmas pudding and lots of chocolates and mince pies throughout the day. The evening would consist of a large buffet with several sweet selections and cheeses. All of this washed down with wine and port.

And now…

I enjoy smoked salmon to start and a traditional turkey dinner – but on a much smaller plate! As well as my portions being much smaller I’m much more sensible and mindful about my food choices. I don’t eat the equivalent of a full dinner whilst I’m preparing it.  I think so many people pick and taste – before you know it you have blown 1500 calories! I’m also a great believer in the mindful approach – sitting down to eat, making the meal a special ritual.

Christmas festivities…

When I’m invited to someone’s house for a full blown buffet people will say, “oh try this and that!” I smile, thank them and say, “I really like the look of (healthier option).” This really throws them off track. When people around you are stuffing their own faces they don’t really notice you tucking into the glorious salad!

Some advice from a 6 year maintainer…

Avoid crooked thinking about what one mince pie can do to you but do worry about what eating 40 will do. Christmas is a special time for celebration and as a LighterLifer you really do have something to celebrate – health, happiness, clothes that look great on you!  So enter the festive period with a confidence and joy that few people really know.


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