More Healthy Weight Loss Questions Answered by Dr Hilary Jones

January 27, 2012 - Dr Hilary Jones, Health & Nutrition

Are you thinking about losing weight in 2012 or trying to maintain weight loss from 2011? Dr Hilary Jones’ frequently joins us on our LighterLife Twitter to answer your questions about healthy weight loss. Here’s the second installment of his most recent Twitter takeover:

If your weight loss is 10% of your body weight, what benefits are there to your body?
Provided the weight you lose is excess weight you will find that every bodily function improves. Most importantly there are benefits to your blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart as well as a decreased risk of diabetes.

Can the ketosis stage of weightloss be dangerous? Should you only be in ketosis for a certain amount of time?
Ketosis is not dangerous, it simply means fat burning. Ketones are actually just energy. It’s absolutely OK in the rapid weight loss phase and you will come out of ketosis on the Management Programme.

Is LighterLife safe?
I believe so. It has an excellent safety record and is certainly safer then being overweight or obese.

How do people maintain weightloss after finishing the programme?
Attempting to maintain weightloss is the hardest part of any programme. Luckily, LighterLife’s record on this is excellent. The weight loss Counselling focuses on getting you to change your eating habits long term and to permanently alter your relationship with food.

This is my first week day 6 how much exercise should I do and how often?
Exercise for 30 minutes a day to speed up your metabolism, burn extra calories and tone your skin.

What do you think the benefits of LighterLife are over something like a low carb diet which can also induce ketosis?
LighterLIfe Total is a low carb diet as well as a very low calorie diet but sticking to the foodpacks means that you are getting a nutritionally complete diet and that’s vital for healthy weight loss.

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