Healthy Weight Loss Questions Answered by Dr Hilary Jones

February 24, 2012 - Dr Hilary Jones, Health & Nutrition

On Valentines Day the lovely Dr Hilary Jones joined us for another of our live monthly Twitter chats about healthy weight loss and living a Lighter Life. Here’s what he had to say:

Question: My weight loss seems to have slowed down recently. Will the pounds start coming off again?

Dr Hilary Jones’ answer: It might be a good idea to start exercising a little bit more. Remember, you’re carrying less weight so less effort is required to move around.

How can I feed my family healthily when we all have different meal requirements (one vegetarian, one lactose intolerant and I am on LighterLife)?

Try preparing a basic dish, perhaps pasta, and then add or subtract the sauces to suit each individual.

I am going on holiday half way through the weight loss plan. Is sticking to the programme really an option?

Of course it is! If you have some time off perhaps you can also try exercising more. Try to avoid eating large volumes just because it’s been paid for. It’s a good message to learn for life.

My partner and I love to eat out and cook meals together but how can I stay healthy at the same time?

Social rituals are often the root cause of weight gain. Your partner won’t mind if you don’t join him when you’re not hungry. You are not joined at the hip in terms of feeding times.

Does being overweight decrease fertility?

Being overweight does decrease fertility so it is in your interest to lose weight if you are trying to conceive. Furthermore, obesity causes problems for the mother and the baby – two good reasons to normalize weight at any time during your pregnancy.

How can I stop myself picking at food?

Distract yourself. Keep away from nibbles and get outside. Phone a friend, exercise, read or write a letter. Do anything to keep your mind off temptation. The craving will pass. If your partner is bigger than you and has a bigger appetite you don’t need to compete. Use different plate sizes for each of you.

Does LighterLife ruin your metabolism? Would a real food alternative not be better for me?

It cannot change your metabolism. It reduces your calorie intake in a nutritionally complete way, so it makes your metabolism healthier.

I have been informed that dramatically reducing calories will reduce all other macronutrients thus slowing your metabolism?

If your calorie intake is nutritionally incomplete then yes this will happen but a nutritionally balanced very low calorie diet overcomes this otherwise common problem.

What would you reply to a client who claims the LighterLife programme is too costly?

The weight loss programme actually costs less than the food you would normally eat. If you want results it’s worth a change in mind set because you are spending similar money but on something different.

To find out what other clients say about the cost of the Programme visit our LighterLife Facebook page.

Dr Hilary Jones is back on March 20th for another live Twitter chat. If you have questions about how to achieve healthy weight loss then get them ready!