“Free falling 10 000ft in the air made me realise how big the changes I have made are!”

June 30, 2015 - Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Success Stories
“Free falling 10 000ft in the air made me realise how big the changes I have made are!”


Debbie Stewart took the plunge, skydiving 10 000ft over the Kingdom of Fife in St Andrews, Scotland!Blog Button

“I’ve  always wanted to do it, but both my weight, and my confidence held me back.  Physically I couldn’t due to the weight restrictions, but also I never thought I could mentally allow myself to jump out of a plane.”  

After my LighterLife counsellor convinced me to do a Fire Walk last year (which was definitely a ‘mind over matter’ task), I realised that I could do anything when I put my mind to it, so, with taking the weight restriction issue out of the scenario, I knew this was what I wanted to do next.  

It was a celebration of what I have achieved in the last year and a half.  

I also wanted to do something good for a charity.  A friend of mine died suddenly due to a severe asthma attack, so I wanted to raise awareness and money for Asthma UK.  

Without taking that step in January to come and see my LighterLife councillor, I would never be where I am now!” 


 The Skydive

“I was more excited than anything else to finally do it.  In the days running up, I did start to get a bit nervous, but this soon disappeared when I thought about the amazing feeling of free-falling through the air.  It has helped me realise just how huge the changes I have made are.  

 It was absolutely amazing, I cannot describe how euphoric I felt.”  


What’s next?

“A bungee jump is definitely on the bucket list at some point but think I should try to keep my feet on the ground for the next few months! I’m planning on doing Glack Attack, which is a milder version of Tough Mudder.”  



“Even simple things like fitting comfortably in a plane seat, or fitting on ride seats have become a much more enjoyable experience.  

I held myself back from things before because of my weight and my self-esteem issues, but I cannot believe how much these have improved.  

My weight was a conversation I never used to have with people, but now I feel open to discuss it in the hope that it can inspire others stuck in the same mindset that I was.

Myself and a friend are thinking about going to Las Vegas in September where I am not going to hide away from the pool, and I will carry on my adrenaline rush activities with the rides over there – and not be scared to fit in the seats!

I am going to continue going to my weekly sessions with my LighterLife counsellor, Susan, as I find them very helpful with both weight management, and personal development.

I would like to add just how much Susan has helped me achieve over the last year and a half, I will be eternally grateful!”

Skydive  for Asthma UK

Skydive for Asthma UK

Debbie is raising money for Asthma UK, you can donate here.

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