Five top tips to avoid weight gain at work

September 26, 2013 - Health & Nutrition

140749864Whether you’ve got a sedentary office job or nibble on the go during the day, it’s easy to gain weight at work if you’re not careful. Here, we offer some simple tips to help you maintain your weight loss when you’re busy at work.

1. Take the stairs
Walk to colleagues’ desks instead 
of emailing them, park further away from your building and take the stairs instead of the lift. Also, use your lunch break to take a walk, rather than sit at your desk and get off the bus or train one 
stop earlier.

2. Pack your own lunch 
and snacks
This will help control your portion sizes, prevent you from accepting sugary snacks from colleagues and save you money. An apple and berries are great healthy snacks to have on your desk and they fill you up. If you need some inspiration for your lunchbox, check out our low fat lunch recipes.

3. Keep water at your desk
Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and people tend to snack on food rather than sipping water. Drink water regularly throughout the day, and when you think you’re hungry have a glass of water instead.

4. Keep yourself busy
Stop snacking because you are bored. If you manage to keep yourself busy, then you’ll be less likely to snack. Always make sure that you have tasks to do to keep your mind off those sweet treats.

5. Don’t carry any loose change
If you don’t carry spare change in your pockets it means you won’t be able to use the vending machine or cafeteria at work to buy crisps, sweets or sugary drinks.