Weight loss issues: The lies we tell ourselves to avoid exercise

August 21, 2014 - Fitness, Weight loss tips

dv1525013When it comes to exercising are you guilty of having a ‘can’t do’ attitude? Our experts face the lies you tell yourself to avoid exercise and explain how to think like a ‘yes’ person…

Ever lied your way out of exercise? Fitness expert Niki Wibrow and life coach Suzy Greaves break through the top exercise barriers to help get you back on track .

‘I hate the gym and find exercise boring.’
If you continue to exercise in an environment that you don’t enjoy, this will just lead to boredom – after all, where’s the incentive? Ultimately we’ll end up making m ore excuses why we shouldn’t.

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to follow a rigid pattern or formula – it can be enjoyable and something we look forward to doing. As an alternative to the gym, try looking for an activity that you enjoy and interests you. Why not try attending a dance lesson or swimming?


‘I can’t afford the gym.’
You can exercise for free by simply getting out and walking. Walking strengthens and builds bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis. It also strengthens your heart and boosts your immunity and your energy. The great thing is, walking needn’t be boring, either. You could set yourself a challenge to walk 3,000 steps a day, use a pedometer to chart your steps.


‘I’m a size 20 and feel self-conscious doing exercise.’
Niki: Don’t let your fear of the gym and its many mirrors put you off getting fit! Instead why not try swimming or aqua aerobics? After all, once we’re in the water we all look the same. Or try some gentle walking around your local park, gradually building up the time, pace and intensity. Or, invest in a beginner’s workout DVD. This will allow you to exercise in the comfort of your own home, wearing the clothes that you feel comfortable in.


‘I get out of breath when I exercise.’
Set yourself up to succeed by under promising. Many of us set unrealistic goals (e.g. ‘I’m going to run for an hour every day for the next 30 days’), which sabotages our success. Set yourself realistic goals and strive to succeed higher. Under promise, over deliver and you’ll feel like you’re actually achieving something rather than feeling like you’re always failing.


‘I don’t have time to exercise’.
Suzy: Focus on the next fie minutes. For a month stop trying to cram exercise into your life, and simply focus on what you can do in the next five minutes – whether it’s just walking up the street or walking up the stairs versus taking the lift at work. Five minutes is all you need to start doing something differently. And that’s the secret. You’ll usually find that those five minutes will turn into 20. It’s about breaking the old behaviour pattern and creating a new healthy habit.


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Suzy Greaves is the founder of The Big Leap Coaching Company. She is a life coach and author of two best-selling coaching books, Making the Big Leap and The Big Peace.

Niki Wibrow is a trained fitness instructor who has worked with celebrities including Patsy Palme, Zoe Ball and Angela Griffin.

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