The best ways to relax and relieve stress

November 23, 2015 - Fitness, Lifestyle
The best ways to relax and relieve stress


spa_main_smallWhether you’re looking for total relaxation, me-time and pampering or to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, LighterLife Perks Partner Ragdale Hall has the best relaxation tips to help you stay relaxed this winter.

Have a chamomile tea – at night time to calm the senses and relax you naturally.

Try yoga/pilates – to stretch and relax your body.

Organise your time – effectively and reduce demands on yourself.

Eat more berries – these are full of antioidents that prevent your brain from ageing and are  great for energy without over stimulating energy drinks etc.

Meditate and practice deep breathing – in a calm quiet place to calm yourself/relieve stress.

Take a well earned break/time out to have some ‘me time’.

Take a ‘tech break’ – try not using your phone or any technical devices too much. Don’t keep your phone beside you during sleep as this can disrupt a peacful nights sleep.

Ragdales Top Homecare Tips this Winter

Throughout the winter it’s vital we repair, rejuvenate and re-balance the mind, body and take care of our skin. We’ve got some tips to help you look and feel amazing.

Drink plenty of water or even herbal teas – such as, green, white, nettle and fennel teas, these are rich in antioxidants. They will deep cleanse the body by flushing away our un-wanted toxins.

Take vitamins – such as vitamin C, echinacea and B vitamins. These will boost your immune system preparing your body for winter. They will also help revitalise, making your feel awake and full of energy.

Eat the correct foods – lots of detoxifying fruits such as rich berries which are full of anti-oxidants, blackberries, raspberries and acia berries. Also lots of vegetables of all kinds, five a day is essential to ensure your body is getting the vital nutrients it needs.

Exfoliate and nourish the skin – autumn/winter is a difficult season for the skin. It is in the process of repairing from the sun and preparing for the winter. It is a must that you exfoliate once to twice a week to eliminate excess dead, dry and damaged skin cells. This will allow your new skin become stronger and more vibrant with life so it can cope with the winter months. Moisturise daily to protect the skin from the seasonal change and to prolong your summer glow.

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