LighterLife Olympic Team, going for gold!

July 27, 2012 - Fitness

Our inspirational LighterLife clients have formed a team, wanting to win their own personal gold before the start of the Olympic Games on Friday. 

The person behind the team’s ‘Race to the Olympics’ challenge is none other than Weasey, you may remember her from the ‘Jubilee Challenge’ the fantastic group of LighterLifer’s who lost an astounding 71 stone 11.4lbs between them in the run up to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The ‘Race to the Olympics’ challenge started on the 6th June and finishes at 12pm Friday the 27th July, to coincide with the start of the Olympic Games (this gave the team a little over 7 weeks to go for their individual gold’s). The challenges the team have set themselves can relate to weight, fitness, clothing or anything that’s a personal goal for them.

Weasey told us at the start of the challenge that her own personal gold would be won if she achieved the following;

1. Weigh no more than my goal weight at the end of the challenge.
2. To be able to do 100 consecutive modified press ups (i.e on your knees) by the end of the challenge.
3. To keep my average blood sugar to 7 or below throughout the challenge.
4. To spend time reading the management information and planning my food every week – no matter how busy work gets.

With the deadline looming, we spoke to Weasey to get the inside scoop on how she and the team were getting on…

Hi Weasey, so how are you getting on, do you think you’ll win your own individual gold by the end of the challenge?

I’ve met most of my goals, I weigh a couple of pounds higher than my goal weight and wont quite be at 100 press ups, but I’m close. I’ve kept my blood sugar to 7 and below and I’m fully committed to my management journey. For me the most important thing is that I feel healthy and full of energy. I’m thrilled that I’ve started swimming and I’m improving my fitness, I’ve lost over 9 stone on LighterLife and for the first time I’m excited by exercise – that’s got to be a gold hasn’t it?!

We absolutely agree! Exercise is key in managing your weight and living lighter, for life. We’d certainly give you a gold medal. So how are the rest of the Team doing, how many LighterLifer’s signed up for the challenge?

In total 49 LighterLife members signed up to take part in the ‘Race to the Olympic’s’ challenge. So far 18 people have met their weight loss goals and 15 have met at least one of their non-weight related goals.

What types of goals have been met?

The Team have lost a phenomenal 48 stone and 8.8lb so far, I haven’t had the latest updates as we’ve not reached our deadline yet! My favourite of the non-weight related goals came from ‘Clare r’ whose goal was to climb a tree! She’s successfully climbed her chosen tree, and has also lost 100lbs!

You moved from the Total programme to the Management programme for this challenge didn’t you, how have you found Management?

Yes, I’m in Phase 1 Management and I’m finding it challenging but interesting. I am developing my personal guidelines for weight maintenance and am enjoying the process so far. I am doing a very slow refeed and taking 2 to 3 weeks in each stage.

I think it’s important to highlight that I’m finding it challenging. I think the reason a lot of people have problems in management is because they don’t realise that this is where the hard work begins, applying theory into practice!

You can find out more about the LighterLife Management programme on our website and by reading our active lifestyle blog.

Wow it sounds like you’re really focused and doing great, so what’s next…?

I’ve booked an activity holiday in Costa Rica in December which is scary, we’re doing four days of hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, cycling, white water rafting and zip lining. I’m not fit enough to do it now so I will be working out a fitness plan to get me there. The aim is to replace the weight loss every week with measurable improvements in fitness every month. I have a session booked with a personal trainer at the gym to work out my fitness regime for the holiday and I’m talking to another personal trainer about starting kick boxing…at 43 years old!

It was my 10th wedding anniversary recently and I spent much of the day watching my husband kick boxing, then we both went to the gym to swim. I’d never have thought a year ago we’d want to do fitness things together! My hubby has also turned his life around in the last year. He started working out a little over a year ago (from never having really done anything) and now has thighs of steel!

We love that you’ve inspired your husband too, but hold on…did you mention a holiday just now? Costa Rica, that sounds amazing! Plus hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, what an exciting trip you’ve got planned, have you always been keen on outdoor activities like these?

I used to hike a lot but have never been fit enough to do other activities. I’m looking forward to being able to do lots of things that I have always said no to because of my weight. A whole new world is opening up!

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