Five of the best cycling apps

June 18, 2014 - Fitness

480267515cyclingappTo celebrate Bike Week, we’re encouraging fellow LighterLifers to get in the saddle and do a few laps on a bicycle. Not only is cycling great fun, you can also burn up to 200 calories in half on hour by just going for a gentle pedal.

To help keep you motivated, we’ve scoured the internet for our pick of the best cycling apps to help keep you on track…

1. Bike Hub
Dubbed the cycle sat-nav, Bike Hub lists all the bike routes in the UK and Ireland, as well as your nearest bike shops. A great tool for plotting your route if you’re planning on cycling in a city or town and looking for bike-friendly cut-throughs and short-cuts. Free, available on Android and iPhone

2. Coach My Ride
Although developed by an elite cycling coach, this coaching app is suitable for all levels of cyclist, including beginners. Provides clear, structured training plans and workouts.
£2.99, available on iPhone

3. Bike Doctor
Designed with the beginner cyclist in mind, Bike Doctor is a bike repair manual for your pocket. With maintenance tips for road bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes, this handy app offers step-by-step instructions on how to fix punctures, adjust gears and wrap handlebar tape.
£2.99, available on Android and iPhone

4. Cycle Hire App
This is the official app for London’s cycle hire scheme, where you can pick up a bike from almost anywhere in London, cycle it to your destination or simply go for a recreational ride, and then drop it off at your nearest cycle docking station. Simple to use and details all the nearest routes and shortcuts. Perfect if you live in London or are passing through and want to explore the city.
69p, available on iPhone

5. Strava
Know as the Facebook of cycling, Strava is an app that not only let’s you map your cycle routes via GPS and monitor your distance, speed and calories burned, but it also allows you to upload photos and encourages healthy competition by allowing you to connect with your friends.
Free, available on Android and iPhone