Fitness trends: Five exercises you can do outdoors

May 20, 2014 - Fitness

exerciseThe gym is a good place to establish a fitness routine, but as the weather gets milder you may want to move outdoors and soak up some vitamin D. We look at five outdoor exercise activities that will improve body toning and increase your heart rate.

Skipping is a high-impact activity, which can be teamed with walking or jogging, just grab a rope and head outside. If you’re feeling social, try double-dutch skipping with two friends or with your kids. Burning around 102 calories per ten-minute session, skipping keeps your heart and lungs healthy, and tones hips, thighs and bums.

Hula hooping
A 30-minute session with a weighted hula hoop will burn between 150 and 250 calories and tone core muscles. It boasts a whopping fun factor too, take the hula hoop to the park and everyone will want to have a go.

Fartlek interval training
A term which means ‘speed play’, fartlek is an unstructured form of interval training that is composed depending how energetic you feel. Alternating between fast running and jogging, in a 45-minute run you could burn 540 calories. Find out about other interval training methods with Runner’s World.

A bike ride across the beautiful UK countryside can burn an astonishing 650 calories! A low-impact sport, cycling allows you saddle up and explore the outdoors, while toning your legs and bum. There are also some pretty stylish bikes available for the fashion conscious.

Horseback riding
Horseback riding is a novel form of getting outdoors and keeping fit. Saddling, grooming and riding for an hour can burn up to 238 calories and for more confident riders, galloping burns up to 550 calories. Brilliant for core stability, horseback riding gives a good tummy and leg workout and improves posture.