Fitness tips: Tips for exercising with kids

July 24, 2014 - Fitness

179256868exercisetipsLooking after the kids this summer? Personal trainer Laurel Alper offers her fitness tips for mums on the run!

The school holidays have begun and, in the whirlwind of getting plans in place to keep the kids occupied, your own fitness routine has taken a backseat. Sound familiar? If that’s you, then fear not, as there are activities you can do that the whole family will enjoy that will also double-up as great calorie burners as well.

Fruit picking
One great way to get the kids outdoors and use your body at the same time is fruit picking. Reaching and bending for fruit offers a great full-body workout and, if you’re not very active usually, you can go at your own pace without any pressure. Another bonus is that you’ll have lots of healthy snacks to enjoy at the end of it!

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Park tennis
You don’t need to join an expensive sports club to get the whole family fit, just grab a couple of tennis rackets and head to the nearest park. Tennis is great sport as it uses all your core muscles and offers great anaerobic exercise at the same time. The more you play, the stronger you’ll become, and your coordination, stamina and balance will improve. It’s also a great game to play with kids as it keeps them active and engaged.

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Take aim
If you’re just starting your weight loss journey and trying to get into gentle exercise, archery is a great option as it doesn’t involve a huge amount of movement but does have a lot of health benefits. An hour of archery can burn up to 238 calories – the equivalent of three glasses of wine.* Plus, having time to focus your mind will also help relaxation and improve hand-eye coordination. If your kids are Hunger Games’ fans they’ll especially love it – archery is the sport of choice for Katniss Everdeen, after all!

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Lawn games
You don’t have to have a big lawn to enjoy lawn games. A game of rounders or piggy in the middle can be easily set up in your local park with just your family and friends. These types of games are great for providing a whole body workout, as you need to stretch, bend, jump and run to keep up. It’s also great for teaching kids how to be focused and alert – whatever position they’re playing. It’s ideal for a sunny day and best of all it’s free!

Driving range
Golf is a great way to stay fit as it improves your stamina and tones muscles in your upper body. There’s a lot of walking involved, as well as swinging and carrying clubs, so all your major muscle groups will be getting a workout. It’s a great game to play with kids as you can play together and get outdoors. Golf can also be a great de-stresser for adults, too.

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Remember to consult your doctor before you start a new regime. If you’re starting a new sport make sure to ask expert advice to avoid injury and get the best moves for your needs.

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