Fitness tips: Exercises for women with larger chests

June 30, 2014 - Fitness

Mum with a daughter in aqua aerobicsKeeping fit when you have a bigger bust can be difficult. Here, our experts offer their tips for working out without causing additional stress to your body.

It’s no secret that if you’re well endowed, working out can be a real challenge. Given you’ve made the fabulous decision to start your weight loss journey, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the inconvenience, pain or stress caused by your bust. There are still lots of great things that top-heavy ladies can do to stay in shape. We asked the experts for their top tips on exercise for women.

Find the right sports bra
For big-breasted ladies, the challenge often begins with finding a supplier to fit your size. To avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort, ensure you are measured professionally to guarantee a good fit. Our favourite retailers for larger sizes are and

‘Explain to your bra fitter what you’ll be using the bra for – so, for example if you’re doing aerobic exercise, make sure to tell them that as it will affect the type of bra they recommend for you,’ advised personal trainer Laurel Alper.

Some women also find that wearing a crop top as well as their sports bra under their T-shirt enables them to feel even more secure.

Don’t be scared to ask for advice
Although at times it may feel like you’re the only one struggling with a big bust, try to remember that fitness professionals have come across many clients with this issue, and they can offer great advice.

Dr Joanna Helcke is a leading pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, and works with big-busted women on a daily basis. ‘Whatever class you’re in, a good fitness instructor will always offer alternatives for this situation. For example, pilates includes quite a few exercises that involve lying flat on your stomach. For those with larger breasts, this will feel uncomfortable and the exercise will need modifying – usually to an all fours position. A trained professional should be able to help you find positions that work for you,’ says Joanna.

Mix up the usual, conventional cardio
‘Most women are convinced that the only way forward when it comes to fat loss is to perform masses of cardio exercise, but this isn’t true,’ says Joanna.

‘Women with a larger cup size can take comfort from the fact that if they really want to lose fat and change the shape of their bodies for the better, then training with weights is the best way. If weight training really isn’t your cup of tea, you could try aqua jogging (running in water) which requires the same amount of stamina and works your whole body, but without the uncomfortable bounce’.

Keep your chest muscles firm and strong with the right exercises
‘As we age our muscles slacken and, if you are bigger breasted, it is important to strengthen the pectoral (chest) muscles,’ says Laurel.

‘Strong chest muscles will help give your breasts a much firmer appearance. Make sure you do chest press and dumbbell flies, which work the supportive pectoral muscles. These chest exercises don’t involve lying on your front which can be uncomfortable’.

Dr Joanna Helcké is a leading pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert and currently a finalist in the prestigious Fitness Professional of the Year awards. Find her on and

Laurel Alper is a fitness and exercise consultant. Visit for more information