Fitness tips: 6 ways household chores can keep you in shape

September 10, 2014 - Fitness

468337437Exercising at home needn’t involve a treadmill or a fitness DVD – you can work your muscles and tighten your triceps by doing everyday tasks. Here we show you five simple ways to get fit whilst doing your household chores…

1. Dish twists
Is your dishwashing calling you? Use this opportunity to get your body working up a sweat. As you take dishes out of the dishwasher, turn your body from side to side, allowing your hips and torso to twist while you reach to put the clean dishes away on high and low shelves. To make the most of this exercise, put the dishes away one at a time.

2. Ironing clenches
Rather than head to the gym, tackle two things at once by getting through your mountain of ironing and giving yourself a workout. If you iron heavier garments like coats and trousers you’ll need to put a bit of ‘elbow grease’ in your strokes. With each stroke of the iron clench your buttocks so that you’re effectively working them along with your upper arms. Between garments, pull your arms back over your head in an ‘arch’ and stretch. This will help with overall posture and toning.

3. Rug aerobics
If your hallway could do with good clean, get stuck in with some rug aerobics. Remove the dust from rugs and mats by taking them outside and throwing them over the clothesline or fence. Using a stick, stand sideways, swing your shoulders and beat the rug. After two minutes, change direction and beat ‘backhand’. This exercises your chest muscles and biceps, then the muscles in your shoulders and triceps.

4. Vigorous vacuum
Tone up your legs with some intense vacuuming – did you know you could burn up to 250 calories an hour? You can add some extra exercise by incorporating lunges as you go. The vacuum cleaner should offer you some good resistance, but make sure you move slowly enough to feel a good stretch.

5. Window clean
Are your windows looking slightly worse for wear? Save money on a window cleaner and banish grubby fingerprints and murky marks from your windowpanes on your own. An hour’s vigorous window cleaning can burn 200 calories – great for cardiovascular health and building up stamina.

Remember to consult your doctor before you start a new regime. If you’re starting a new exercise make sure to ask expert advice to avoid injury and get the best moves for your needs. Also, ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the exercise.

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