LighterLife: DO try this at home

June 28, 2012 - Fitness

Last week we had health expert, Dr Hilary Jones, visit LighterLife HQ to answer questions from our community looking to live a lighter life. One question that proved to be very popular was how to find motivation when the British weather is so unpredictable. Many of you sent this question in, and admitted that you found exercise much less appealing when the rain outside was pouring down.

In response to this question, Dr Hilary answered that ‘one theory about weight gain is that it’s partly caused by cold temperatures, basically we feel more active and more likely to eat salads than stodge when it’s warm, in the summer’.

However Dr Hilary suggests that we don’t wait for the sun and instead advises LighterLife members to ‘raise their temperatures through regular exercise’. He says that ‘a good work out will raise your temperature by 1-2 degrees and will reduce your appetite for several hours afterwards’. There are lots of great exercises that you can do at home so you don’t even need to venture out into the pouring rain’.

Here at LighterLife we have been busy putting together some of our favourite in-door exercises for your own personal enjoyment. All of those listed below are convenient, time efficient and best of all, they can be attempted from the comfort of your own living room – or the garden, if the sun decides to shine!

1.    Do the Hula!

Considered one of the most effective recent workouts to sweep through America. Hoopnotica is as fun as the hula hooping we remember from our childhood, burning up to 600 calories per hour! It’s surprisingly easy to learn and impossible to put down. Why? Because it’s fun! DVD levels start at beginners and work their way up, meaning there is something suitable to everyone.

2.    Get ‘Appy

For all those that own a smartphone, getting fit has never been so simple. There are a number of apps ready to download to help you reach and maintain your goals. Our favourites include:

▪   Squats App: Think of the Squats App as your personal trainer that’s going to help you build up the strength to complete 20, 60 or 100 continuous squats. It adjusts the exercise based on your level of fitness, allowing you to reach your goal at your own pace.


▪   BUPA Fitness: Designed for all ages and fitness levels, this BUPA app will improve your fitness with specific workouts on four key areas – flexibility, core stability, balance and strength. Each exercise has a video demonstration that can be used primarily as a fitness programme or to complement your already existing fitness routine.


3.    Shape Fit

Looking for exercise you can do while watching TV? Then log on to Here you will find exercise routines and specific workouts for women at home, as well as all the advice you need for a healthy lifestyle, it makes a great home fitness guide and is completely free.

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