The LighterLife active lifestyle plan: The importance of exercise when managing your weight

July 20, 2012 - Fitness, Health & Nutrition

LighterLife understands that life-changing weight loss doesn’t occur just from losing weight. Our LighterLife programmes are there to help you first lose weight and then maintain your weight for good.

We have a management programme which is available to all of our clients once you have completed your weight loss journey, helping you to live a lighter life, for the rest of your life.

Being more active is universally recognised as a key factor in maintaining a healthier weight. It can have an incredible impact on your overall health, including:

If you’ve already got a more active lifestyle, you’ll find new challenges to keep you motivated; If you’re just starting out, it’s a great way to build up your activity levels.

What type of activity is best?

Combining cardiovascular (aerobic) activities, muscle strengthening (resistance) exercises and stretching (flexibility) activities will develop good overall fitness, prevent injuries and keep you interested and motivated.

Cardiovascular activities benefit your heart and lungs – try anything that raises your heart rate and gets you breathing quicker – walking, dancing, cycling.

Muscle-strengthening activities strengthen your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis – weight training and exercises like push-ups.

Stretch activities increase the range of movement around your joints, so you’ll improve your posture and balance – stretches (anything that lengthens your muscles).

Top Tip: Set yourself a main goal, then break it up into smaller, manageable steps (goals) for each day or week. Being more active is achieved literally one step at a time. Try using an activity log or diary to track your progress

Overcoming obstacles:

We’ve been speaking to Julia Buckley, a fitness journalist & trainer about how she helps people to stay fit and healthy;

“Talk to people who exercise regularly and you’ll usually find their motivations are as much about how good fitness makes them feel as how they look. Exercising will make maintaining your new weight much easier, plus it will help you tone and firm up those wobbly bits. 

Most people are amazed to discover they actually enjoy exercising when they choose activities they like and take improving their fitness one step at a time. You didn’t lose all your excess weight overnight and you won’t get super-fit overnight either, but stick with it and the rewards will make the effort more than worthwhile.”

You can find out more about how Julia can help on her website and you can read about her own personal journey on her blog

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