4 steps to healthier mealtimes and healthier kids

September 24, 2014 - Health & Nutrition


Research suggests that our food issues stem from childhood. So it’s important that we spend time helping our kids develop healthy relationships with food. Child psychologist Dr Rana Conway shares her top tips on getting kids into healthy food habits.

Eat together
Make time to sit down regularly at the table with your little ones. Let children see you enjoy a variety of foods, such as fish, fruit and veg. They’re more likely to do as you do, than as you say.

Healthy options
It sounds obvious, but the only way your kids will eat healthy food is if you offer it to them every day. Be clever with vegetables by mixing them with other foods, like mashing carrots or swede into mashed potatoes.

Don’t resort to bribery
Never make a child clear their plate or eat anything they don’t want to. This means bribery and guilt trips are out, too.

Don’t give in
If a child doesn’t eat their dinner, then unhealthy snacks shouldn’t be offered as a replacement – otherwise your child will expect them every mealtime and refuse to eat what you’ve prepared.

Stick to these top tips and you will soon see a difference in your children’s intake, improving their health now and later in life. If you’re after some inspiration on what to cook, check out our delicious Lite-friendly recipes that are perfect for all the family.