LighterLife appoints Denise Welch as new ambassador

May 2, 2013 - Celebrity

Denise WelchWe are delighted to announce ITV Loose Women star Denise Welch as our new celebrity ambassador. Denise will work with the brand to lose weight in the lead up to her July wedding and is aiming to shed around two stone.

Denise is incredibly excited about working with LighterLife and believes this will be the start of a much healthier relationship with food: “I am delighted to be joining the LighterLife team. I am looking forward to losing weight in a steady and healthy way with a group of like-minded people. The LighterLife programme fits into my busy lifestyle and I look forward to celebrating a new slimmer and more confident me”.

19 thoughts on “LighterLife appoints Denise Welch as new ambassador

Sandra Davis

What do i have to do to join team please.


    If you want to join LighterLife, simply go to our website From there, you can find your nearest local counsellor simply by inserting your postcode. Good luck!


I’m going to mexico in October and need to lose a few stone


    Hi Jackie, You can definitely lose a few stone by October on LighterLife. Find your nearest LighterLife group via our website Good luck!

Elaine brookfield

So pleased to hear that Denise is joining lighter life . I really believe in her and know she will do well. I so admire Denise and I am with her all the way. I am also hoping to follow her and lose at least 2 stone. Good luck Denise. GO GIRL!!!!

Sharon Stead

I have just applied to make an appointment to see the lighterlife councellor.I have tried so many times to lose weight over many years and failed everytime.I have no faith or belief anymore that I could do it.Support is the key here I think
My husband and I have busy social lives invloving dining out and all that invloves!!Lots of wine!That will be hard to change and is probably the reason I have failed.Along with my love of cheese!!!Oh,I am really sick of hating myself for being so fat.Time to act and put the work in.I am a big Denise welch fan and will be taking an interest in her journey with lighter life.Good luck Denise.


    Lovely to hear from you Sharon! Hopefully LighterLife will be the plan for you so that you can finally wave goodbye to your excess weight and have a healthier relationship with food. Good luck!

Pearl Wheatley

I love Denise Welch. You say she will be an Ambassdor. Will she actual be at meetings? I would come along just to see her!!!!


    Great to hear from you – we love Denise too! She’ll be attending groups in her local area. We’ll be sure to post updates of her success on the blog, website and social media – to let you know how she’s getting on.

colette reynolds

i would like to think that i could also lose weight about 2 stone myself by october has i have a big wedding to attend to i feel it would be extra special for me to lose this as its my boyfriends daughters wedding


I would like to know how Pauline Quirk is doing?? I thought she was the ceLebrity who was the face of Lighterlife!!! I would lIke to know if she has retained her weight loss


    Hello! Pauline is doing really well. She lost 8 stone in just 12 months on LighterLife back in 2011. She’s still managed to keep the majority of the weight off and is looking fantastic.


I would like to know how much Lighter Life costs ??


    The groups are just £15 per week and Foodpacks start from £1.80. For more details and how to get started, contact your local Counsellor at

pat overton

i just love pauline quike, she has done amazing, i live in new zealand is there any info here for us.


    Unfortunately LighterLife doesn’t have a branch in New Zealand. Sorry about that Pat! Maybe one day…


Hi my local lighter life charge £2.50 per pack. Is this correct?


    Hi Rachael, Earlier this year we changed the way we price our programmes to give our clients greater choice and flexibility on their LighterLife journey. Under the new pricing structure we’ve removed the cost of the group session from the cost of the Foodpacks so now both can be charged separately.

    Depending on your local LighterLife Counsellor’s pricing policy you may be required to pay for your group session as a Management client and you’ll then pay for any Foodpacks you wish to purchase.

    Foodpacks are priced by category, which gives you flexibility on the cost of your personal programme. Prices range from £1.80 for soups, e.g. Vegetable, to £2.15 for bars, e.g. Nut Fudge.

    We are committed to providing ongoing support to our Management clients to help them live lighter for life. Under the new pricing structure your local LighterLife Counsellor may charge £15 for your group session and you’ll then pay the prices for any Foodpacks purchased as highlighted above. Alternatively, your LighterLife Counsellor may continue to offer free-to-attend group sessions and you’ll pay between £2.30 and £2.65 for any Foodpacks you purchase depending on the Foodpack category.

    Management clients continue to receive free support through the member’s area of our website and free weekly pop-ins with their local LighterLife Counsellor.

    For further details on your Management groups and pricing please speak to your local LighterLife Counsellor.

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