Lesley-Anne shares how LighterLife has made her feel like now, she can do anything!

March 30, 2015 - Celebrity
Lesley-Anne shares how LighterLife has made her feel like now, she can do anything!

When Lesley-Anne was mistaken for her husband’s mother during a holiday away with the in-laws, she finally got the encouragement she needed to address her weight and size. Two years on, Lesley-Anne has lost an incredible 4st 4lbs and is feeling, happy and healthy

No stranger to losing weight she’d tried many diets but none of them could help her keep the weight off.

“Over the years I gradually put on more and more weight. It was always a problem but I just couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I joined weight loss group after weight loss group and I would lose weight but I would just put it straight back on.”

Lesley and family

“The final straw was definitely when I was on holiday with my husband’s parents. Not only did a waiter mistake me for my father-in-law’s wife, which was mortifying enough, but when I looked at the pictures of us on my return I was in absolute shock! I knew I had to do something about my size, I was the biggest I had ever been.”

Lesley-Anne contacted her local Counsellor in Plymouth, Natalie Wilkins, and signed up to LighterLife Total, at the time she weighed 14st 13lbs. Over several months she lost an incredible 4st 4lbs and reached her goal weight.

Lesley-Anne works as an NHS Administrator and says her colleagues and patients have noticed her weight loss the most.


“A lot of the patients I see all the time and my colleagues are in shock at how much weight I have lost – I don’t think they realised how big I was before! Workers for the NHS do such a good job at looking after others but sometimes don’t look after themselves properly – I think it was a bit of an eye opener when I did.”

“My husband has been very supportive throughout my journey although he was never critical before. I do feel so much more confident and happy in myself though which affects my life in general. I suppose the only downside is the fact that I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe, which I am sure he is less happy with. I absolutely love it though – I can finally enjoy shopping!”

“One of the best things about losing the weight has got to be how much easier every day activities are. I feel like I can do just about anything now whereas before I used to have the most horrible back pain. I couldn’t even run for a bus!”

Lesley-Anne told us that the most important part of her weight loss journey has been her counselling and her Counsellor, Natalie. Not just for losing the weight but now maintaining the weight loss for the long-term.

“The counselling sessions with LighterLife were absolutely invaluable. I found out things about myself that I just didn’t realise before – for example I was such a feeder! I also realised I ate when I was fed up which really was not a solution. Natalie was absolutely brilliant, I wish I had found LighterLife sooner!”