“I’ve lost so much weight, my family don’t even recognise me!”

May 22, 2015 - Celebrity
“I’ve lost so much weight, my family don’t even recognise me!”

Jag Before

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After losing more than 7st with LighterLife, Jag Mankoo now understands her complex relationship with food and has found a new lease of life. Here, she explains what prompted her to acknowledge her size and take proper action.

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Jag’s story:

“I realised I had to do something about my weight when I was looking through some photos from a holiday to Kenya. I knew I was overweight, but suddenly I looked bigger than ever.

“Even before the holiday my anxiety levels were rising. I went shopping for clothes and found I’d gone up from a size 20 to a size 22. I’d never been that big before.

“Before starting LighterLife I’d been on various diets, but my attitude was a bit half-hearted. What I liked about LighterLife was the promise of fast, safe, weight loss, along with groups that specialised in helping clients understand their relationship with food.

“The first week on Total was quite challenging because it was such a big change. But I’d got to the stage where I was willing to push myself. The weight loss during those first few days was so fast – around 9lbs – it was all the incentive I needed to keep going.

“Since losing over 7st I’m told I look like a different person. My face is much slimmer. I’m also far more confident. In fact, at one recent family gathering an uncle didn’t recognise me. We were chatting away and then he asked: ‘Where is Jag?’ I said: ‘I’m Jag!’ and he was really stunned.

“My advice to anyone contemplating LighterLife is that if you are ready to make lasting changes then just go for it. If you are committed and you follow the programme, you will have amazing results.”


The full version of this article appears in the latest issue of LighterLife magazine. Ask your Counsellor for a copy or pick one up in selected Superdrug stores.