Health & Beauty Trend: Epsom Salts Make a Come Back With 8 Ways to Use Them

March 9, 2016 - Beauty, Celebrity, Health & Nutrition, Homes, Lifestyle, Living
Health & Beauty Trend: Epsom Salts Make a Come Back With 8 Ways to Use Them

LighterLifeForget expensive creams and spa treatments, age-old mineral-rich Epsom salts are once again trending as a bathroom shelf favourite, helping treat everything from stress to anti-ageing. And if you are a LighterLife Perks member, you can get on board this new health and beauty trend for less with 15% off your first order at The Epsom Salts Company.

Celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Alicia Keys and Elle Macpherson, fitness trainers and doctors are all fans of Epsom Salts, favouring them for their detoxifying properties thanks to their high magnesium and sulphate content. An inexpensive product to keep to hand at home, use Epsom Salts to:

  1. Ease stress and tension – magnesium relaxes the nervous system and promotes wellbeing
  2. Detoxify – the salts helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals from cells
  3. Relieve problematic skin – the mineral-rich water can help soften, soothe and smooth skin, just add a tiny amount of epsom salt to your usual facial cleanser
  4. Ease muscle pain and reduce inflammation from sporting injuries – soak in a warm bath with 2 cups of epsom salt to relieve muscle sprains
  5. Promote healthier, shinier hair – add salts to a conditioner for the ultimate mineral hair mask
  6. Relax your feet – use as a foot scrub for pedicures or foot soaks when your feet are aching
  7. Exfoliate your body or face – simply add the salt to your cleanser, massage gently and rinse

epsom salts

As well as bathing salts, The Epsom Salts Company also offers a toiletries range infused with Epsom Salts including a body wash, shampoo and soap, enabling people who don’t have the time or inclination to bathe, to be able to enjoy the salts’ amazing curative benefits. The rich concentration of magnesium within the products helps clear impurities whilst removing dead skin cells and retaining skin moisture.

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