Denise Welch: My top six weight management tips

April 28, 2014 - Celebrity

denise editDenise Welch lost two stone in two months with LighterLife and a year and a half on, she’s keeping the weight off. Read on to discover the health benefits she’s experienced and the secrets of her weight-management success.

Quick health update

Since losing weight with LighterLife, I’ve seen great improvements to my health – helping me to live a lighter and happier life!

Osteoarthritis – before I lost weight, I suffered from osteoarthritis and recently had a check-up appointment with a consultant. He said after he’d X-rayed the knee again that there was a 90% improvement – which I put down to my weight loss.

Snoring – I used to snore really badly. Lincoln tells me that it’s reduced by two-thirds since I joined LighterLife.

Acid Reflux – I also had really bad acid reflux before I lost weight. I was taking pills every day. It was waking me up every night because the burning was so bad. The nearest I’d felt to that was when I was pregnant. Now,  I don’t need any reflux tablets at all.

On top of the ‘physical’ health benefits, my wellbeing has also greatly improved; I have a radiance that I didn’t have before. I’d never be an ambassador for something I didn’t believe in but I truly believe in LighterLife. It’s the best life-change plan that I’ve ever done, and here are my top tips for maintaining it:

1. Keep going
I think when you reach your goal weight on LighterLife there’s a tendency to think, ‘I’ve lost the weight. Job done. I can go back to eating normally.’ Wrong. The only successful way to keep the weight off is to go to LighterLife Management groups. That’s where you learn not to go back to eating all the pies. You learn healthier ways of not only how to eat, but of how to deal with the urge to binge eat or overeat in the future.

2. Don’t do it alone
My group is invaluable to me. I’ve been feeling a bit tired and lethargic recently, and gained a couple of pounds. Going to my group and being able to talk with the girls about how I was feeling was so helpful – I even got a bit emotional. I’m not superhuman, I have my bumps in the road like everyone else, so I can’t stress enough how great the groups are for being able to get things off your chest in a supportive environment. We don’t just talk about food and eating, we talk about everything! My hubby Lincoln is also hugely supportive. Having someone beside me to keep me on track, mix my Foodpacks, cook my delicious, healthy meals, and give me a kick up the backside every now and then when I’m being negative or feeling down, is invaluable.

3. Make a plan that works for you
Now I’m used to maintaining and managing my weight without it being a hassle, I still enjoy having my LighterLife Foodpacks to maintain my weight. I’m often busy and on the road with work so it’s handy to use my Foodpacks as meal replacement. I could have the porridge three times a day because I love it so much! I also love having the vanilla shake with berries and fruit for a nice dessert.

4. Bin your ‘fat’ clothes
Previous times when I’ve lost the weight I’ve hung on to the ‘fat’ clothes – in case I put the weight back on again. Since losing weight with LighterLife I’ve binned all my old ‘fat’ clothes because I know I can maintain. I have a pair of trousers that are my ‘try them’ trousers – they’re disco pants. They’re hideous, but they’re my test trousers that show me if I’m maintaining or not. Every week, I go upstairs and put them on – and always dread that they won’t fasten. But every week since I’ve started LighterLife Management I’ve tried them on and they fit.

5. Don’t set too many rules
When you’re managing your weight, don’t be too hard on yourself. I love chocolate, so I’m not going to deny myself from ever having it again but it’s about finding a balance. Enjoy a little of what you love and don’t feel guilty about it! Likewise, with exercise, I go through real phases. Sometimes I love the gym and other times Lincoln has to practically drag me there screaming. Now if I’m not in the mood I don’t go – but I find something else to do like take the dog for a walk. Again, it’s all about balance.

6. Become a role model!
So many people I know have started LighterLife because of me – and not just because I’ve lost weight, but because of how much more positive I am. When I’d lost weight before, it wasn’t necessarily for the right reasons. Like lots of people, I’d binge eat and then starve myself. I wouldn’t get any of the right nutrients. Now people can look and see that I look much better and feel much better than I ever did. They also know that I’m quite honest – and believe me when I say it’s because of the groups that I’ve managed to maintain the weight.

Find out more about how you could lose weight with LighterLife at or speak to your local LighterLife Counsellor. 

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Collette Lord

I can so relate to Denise…. unless you change your life permanently Lighterlife, or any other weight loss progamme, simple wont work in the long term. Like Denise I have a “try-on” pair of trousers…. which I try on regularly, but I also weight 2-3 times a week. Maybe that is excessive, but I don’t want any lapses to become unmanageable. Sure lapses happen, but its the getting back up, getting back on track and going for it again that counts. My desk, car, cupboards and handbags, all have L/L products in them, just in case I am caught out in an unexpected hunger, or in a place with rubbish food – its all about planning. This will be my second summer of real food and I am so looking forward to the summer produce. Keep up the good work Denise ….

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