Chloe talks to LighterLife about change, marriage and glamping

April 2, 2015 - Celebrity
Chloe talks to LighterLife about change, marriage and glamping

Chloe started her LighterLife journey in August 2014 weighing just over 14 stone. She decided she drastically needed to change after feeling unable to look at pictures of herself, uploaded to Facebook, on a glamping holiday with friends.

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Chloe joined the LighterLife community on the Total plan, she booked into her first group Counselling session over the phone and ordered her Foodpacks there and then. Adding to Chloe’s motivation to start her weight loss journey immediately was her wedding!

The big day is booked for next September and even though that’s a little way into the future, how amazing is it that Chloe has already been on her  weight loss journey, achieved her goal AND been maintaining her current healthy weight for months.

She’s now got more time, money and energy to put towards planning her perfect day. Being able to do the group work over the phone meant that Chloe could do it anytime, anywhere and the anonymity of it helped her to feel comfortable and safe.

Let’s find out more about how she achieved her goals so quickly and how shes keeping the weight off…

So Chloe, have you experienced any big challenges while on your LighterLife journey?
I was at risk of redundancy while on the programme, but luckily didn’t use this as an excuse to fall off the plan, and even better my job was ok.

How has what you learned in your telephone counselling groups helped you?
I felt that I always understood why I gained the weight. What I learned from LighterLife was portion control! I don’t need anywhere near what I used to eat.

What do you do differently now?
I still allow myself treats but once a month rather than once a week. While losing weight I started drinking black tea and stopped putting milk in my porridge and I’m still doing this now. It’s the small changes like these that have helped me keep the weight off. I also used to order my clothes online so I could hide at home, now I’m a very happy 10st 1lbs  I love going out to buy clothes!

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What’s your advice to anyone looking to become a fellow lighterlifer?
My biggest advice would be, listen to what you’ve learnt. It’s all about balance. If you have a bad day/weekend don’t give up, the support is there, you can get straight back on your plan.

Even though I reached my goal last November, the changes I made around my attitude to food meant that I continued to lose weight, even over Christmas! All in all LighterLife brought me back to life.

I think you’ll agree that Chloe looks absolutely fabulous; and having reached her goal already, she can focus on planning her big day, and can proudly photo bomb every picture!

We’re so proud of Chloe, seeing how much happier and healthier our community members are is such a special experience. Keep us posted on the wedding plans Chloe, and please carry on sharing your success with the rest of the community on either Facebook, Twitter or the forum TalkingLighterLife!

LighterLife is now available nationwide you can sign up with your local LighterLife Counsellor and you can now register online for group Counselling sessions over the phone and ordering your Foodpacks online. Find out whats available in your area now.

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