Martin avoided Type 2 diabetes after doing LighterLife Total

June 15, 2015 - Celebrity
Martin avoided Type 2 diabetes after doing LighterLife Total

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Determined not to look big in his friends’ wedding pictures, only one month away, Martin finally got the encouragement he needed to do something about his weight and change his life for the better.

Less than a year later, Martin  lost a phenomenal 8 st, and is happier, healthier and fitter than he has been for ten years.

‘I was certainly never small as a child and I have always gone up and down
in weight like a yo-yo.  Throughout my school life and early 30’s I was extremely active playing cricket and rugby.

When I reached my 30’s I gave up rugby and, through inactivity I gradually watched the weight go up and up. Not only that, but my weight was causing medical issues as well. I was at risk of Type 2 diabetes, my blood pressure was sky high, my asthma was extremely bad and I had a slipped disc in my neck that wasn’t healing well due to my weight.

I joined LighterLife  not only to look good but to sort out my health issues as well. One of the best things about losing the weight is simply how much easier everything is now.
Everything was an effort before – at work I wouldn’t even dream of getting the stairs but now I avoid the lift every time.

Before I would make excuses not to do anything I now do things just because I can! Just the other day I decided to decorate the bathroom by myself! My health issues have also improved hugely. I am fitter, healthier and more active now than I was ten years ago!”