Image of apple and pear with tape measure

How to dress to flatter your body shape

Image of apple and pear with tape measure

Whether you’re a size 8 or a 28, everyone has a natural body shape that’s defined by their skeletal structure, muscle and fat distribution. As you gain and lose weight, it can be hard to identify which body shape you really are, so get your full length mirror out, grab a tape measure and get to grips with it using our quick and easy guide.

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fast weightloss

10 things you’ll only know if you’ve been overweight in the summer


1. When you plonk yourself down in a deckchair and avoid having to get up because you can’t work out how to do it gracefully.

2. When you embrace summer by wearing a maxi skirt and sandals to work, but by the end of the day your thighs are on fire from the chub rub.

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food cravings

Cut the Cravings!

‘I’m bored’, ‘I deserve it’ – how often have you eaten something and then regretted it afterwards? Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid the temptation.

1. Pause for thought
Press the pause button and ask yourself: ‘what do I really need?’ Are you physically hungry? Have a quick think about what has been going on recently. Might the craving be about an emotional need?

2. LighterLife Savoury Broth
This low-calorie savoury drink is suitable for all LighterLife plans, low-fat cooking and great for friends and family. Comes in individual sachets, so easy to always have at hand.

3. LighterLife Drink Mix
Drinking water will keep you hydrated and combats hunger. Our Drink Mix is suitable for all plans and the whole family. Comes in St Clements, Fruits of the Forest, Sunrise Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

4. LighterLife Jelly
Our guilt-free Raspberry Flavoured Jelly is fat-free, sugar-free, high in protein and unlimited  on all plans. Have one made up in the fridge and use it with a Foodpack to make a trifle.

5. Change rooms
Even just a trip to the loo can be enough to put a little space between you and the thing that you’re craving.

6. Exercise
A few minutes of fairly strenuous exercise releases endorphins – so-called ‘feel-good’ hormones. Just a brisk walk can lift your mood and deal with the moment.


good carbs bad carbs

Good Carbs & Bad Carbs

At LighterLife, we apply what we know about food and hunger to help you manage your appetite and related cravings for the best possible results. You will learn about the right foods to keep you fuller for longer and prevent dramatic energy crashes.

When it comes to physical hunger, all foods are not equal. In particular, carbohydrates can have powerful effects on hunger. Understanding how carbs work can really help you manage your appetite and waistline.

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