Lesley-Anne shares how LighterLife has made her feel like now, she can do anything!

When Lesley-Anne was mistaken for her husband’s mother during a holiday away with the in-laws, she finally got the encouragement she needed to address her weight and size. Two years on, Lesley-Anne has lost an incredible 4st 4lbs and is feeling, happy and healthy

No stranger to losing weight she’d tried many diets but none of them could help her keep the weight off.

“Over the years I gradually put on more and more weight. It was always a problem but I just couldn’t seem to do anything about it. I joined weight loss group after weight loss group and I would lose weight but I would just put it straight back on.” Continue reading

“The satisfaction on the day of my weigh in was worth every difficult moment…and I was able to support my daughter on her LighterLife journey too!”

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and what better way to celebrate than with a truly inspirational mother and daughter success story! Julie and Abigail have both changed their lives with LighterLife.

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Total client Debbie explains how LighterLife has helped her towards a brighter future


Debbie Stewart, 24 , from Inverurie, has lost more than 10 stone on LighterLife. She’s still working towards her goal weight, but explains how LighterLife has given her emotional strength that she’s never had before.

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Q&A live chat with Dr Kelly Johnston and Rob Rona


We held a live chat on social media with Dr Kelly Johnston, Head of Nutrition and Research and Rob Rona, Director of New Markets, Products and Services.
Facebook and Twitter users sent in their questions about everything from ketosis to excess skin. Here’s a summary

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The Power of Group Support

We all know that LighterLife isn’t just a weight-loss programme. Not only does it change the way you think about food and help you to live a healthier way of life, it also allows you to meet like-minded people and build the foundations of life-long friendships. Sarah, Debbie, Jean and Debra met at their first LighterLife group session in Hyde. They all joined LighterLife for different reasons, but were all determined to do one thing – lose weight and change their eating habits. With the support of their Counsellor, Carol Graves, who manages the Hyde and Bramhall LighterLife centres, and the support of each other, they are maintaining the weight they have lost –  almost 13st between them, and are currently in LighterLife Management…


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